I helped raise a little girl named Meghan. I guess you could say I am a step-parent, although my heart doesn’t know anything except I belong to her.

I have the pleasure of spending time with the woman Meghan, who is now a mother herself. When she came to visit me in Tennessee, she asked about a rock she remembered from when she was young. It was a really special rock.


Based on an adolescent dream, I wrote Da Da Da about my childhood impressions of a father’s role in the family.

I dreamed I was looking for my dad all through the house and couldn’t find him. Eventually, I looked in the attic and found him operating a machine that had lots of dials and switches. The system seemed to be controlling all the electrical, air, water, and gas for our house. He was listening closely and monitoring all these functions when he raised a finger to his mouth and motioned, “Shhhhh”. He and I stood within the pink insulated walls of the attic and listened.”


We wanted to take a moment and wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year.

Also, we wanted to thank you for reading, watching, and listening to us and our music.

Peace, love, and happiness to you and your family,

Lizzie, Lee, Ruel, Pete